End-to-end encrypted data storage in the cloud.
PrivateStorage has been designed with privacy and security features so only you can access your data. No one else - not even us - can see your data when it is stored on PrivateStorage.
Privacy by Design

From the way we store your data to our payments process, privacy is embedded throughout the design of PrivateStorage.

No User Accounts

The platform is easy to use. For privacy reasons, you don’t need to set up an account to use PrivateStorage.

No Monthly Payment

Our privacy-enhancing payment system, storage-time, ensures you also only pay for the specific amount of storage space you use and for a set time span.

Example image of the PrivateStorage app depicting the storage-time remaining indicator.

Client-Side Encryption

All files stored on PrivateStorage are automatically encrypted locally on your device before they are transferred to our servers. This means we cannot read your data - and no one else can either.
Example image of the PrivateStorage app with a lock and a tick inside depicting the encryption of data.
An image of a big blue key, representing encryption and security.

Accountless Authorization

For enhanced privacy and security reasons, you do not create an account to use PrivateStorage. Instead, files stored are accessed through the use of special codes known as capabilities, not using passwords or email addresses.


Storage-time is a privacy-enhancing feature that allows us to verify your payment without linking your payment to what you store. You only spend storage-time for what you keep stored on PrivateStorage over time.

How does it work?