PrivateStorage relies on Open Source technologies.

As firm believers in the protection of our users’ privacy, we offer a private, secure and end-to-end encrypted solution to give you full control over your data. We design for privacy and security as a baseline for PrivateStorage, so that only you as an individual—not us, or third parties—can access your data on the storage service.

Security and Privacy by Design

What PrivateStorage means by “security” is something different from what most companies do. Utilizing end-to-end encryption and accountless authorization, we at PrivateStorage never have the ability to read or modify your data. This makes it easier for us to maintain the security of your data without collecting your personal information. This is what we call Security and Privacy by Design.

Client-Side Encryption

PrivateStorage automatically encrypts any folders being stored on the PrivateStorage cloud, even before leaving your device. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your data. We cannot read or modify your data, only see its encrypted form. Only you have access to the encryption keys to be able to read the data.
Distributed and Redundant

Distributed and Redundant

The PrivateStorage client app encodes the data you upload into multiple, unique pieces of encrypted text, then spreads those pieces out among our servers on the PrivateStorage grid. Extra pieces are created and saved on multiple servers to ensure that your data can still be accessed in case a server becomes unavailable. In the event of data loss or corruption, these pieces can reconstruct the data.
Accountless Authorization

Accountless Authorization

With PrivateStorage, we don’t ask you to sign up for an account. Accessing your securely stored data is done through the use of special codes, known as capabilities, stored locally on your device.


Should you lose access to your computer, then you can restore access to your data from another device, provided you have the Recovery Key. Your personal Recovery Key is a small text file that contains enough information to allow you to regain a connection to the storage grid and access any previously stored folders. It is critical to create a Recovery Key as soon as you start using PrivateStorage.

Commitment to Free and Open Source Technologies

PrivateStorage is built on a commitment to transparency and open source technology. By using technology that is publicly reviewable, we maintain our value of transparency and allow for our users to know exactly what happens to their data.

Our source code can be found on GitHub

Tahoe-LAFS Logo


Tahoe-LAFS is an open source decentralized cloud storage system. PrivateStorage uses it to encrypt and distribute your data across multiple servers on its storage grid. In the unlikely event any of our servers fail or are taken over by an attacker, the entire file store continues to function correctly, preserving your privacy and security.


Provides an easy-to-use interface that allows for the user to seamlessly store and access their data on PrivateStorage.
Magic Folder logo

Magic Folder

A file-syncing utility that automatically stores your local files on the PrivateStorage grid and keeps them up to date.

Anonymous storage-time

How is storage-time anonymous?

How is storage-time anonymous?

By detaching a user’s online activity from an 'account’ or any specific payment methods, we make sure we do not know your identity as you use the service. In order to buy storage-time, your PrivateStorage app generates a unique voucher, and waits until the voucher is paid for. Once the voucher is paid for, your PrivateStorage app exchanges the voucher for storage-time. This storage-time is not connected in any way to the voucher, the voucher only acts as proof of payment. Once issued, storage-time cannot be revoked.
Data Leases

Pay only for the space you actively use

Unlike most cloud storage providers, we feel you should not have to pay for storage space you are not actively using. In our system, you pay for the specific amount of space you use and for a set time span. If you use more storage space, or use it longer, more of your storage-time is automatically spent.