About Us
As firm believers in protection of our customers’ privacy, we offer PrivateStorage as a private, secure and end-to-end encrypted solution that aims to minimize the collection of any data related to its users. PrivateStorage implements privacy and security by design, not by policy. We cannot see your data when it is stored by us.

Our History

In 2013 Least Authority’s founder Zooko Wilcox announced the launch of S4 in response to the Snowden leaks about the PRISM program. Several iterations and a partnership with Private Internet Access later, S4 evolved into PrivateStorage, which now is owned 100% by Least Authority.

Contact us!

For questions or support, please contact us at support@private.storage or +1 724 200 8340 (Signal).
If you would like to provide feedback please send a note to hello@private.storage.
For general inquires about PrivateStorage please email us at info@private.storage.