Use anonymously, pay only for what you store.

With storage-time we can verify your payment without linking your payment to what you store.


For $6.50 you can store 30 GB-months of data.

For example, you could store about 30 GB for one month, 10 GB for three months, or 3 GB for ten months.

Three files of various shades, each labeled with a different name. A bar graph below the files indicates two months remaining until the deadline.

An icon of a eye mask, representing anonymity

How is storage-time anonymous?

By detaching a user’s online activity from an 'account’ or any specific payment methods, we make sure we do not know your identity as you use the service. In order to buy storage-time, your PrivateStorage app generates a unique voucher, and waits until the voucher is paid for. Once the voucher is paid for, your PrivateStorage app exchanges the voucher for storage-time.

This storage-time is not connected in any way to the voucher, the voucher only acts as proof of payment. Once issued, storage-time cannot be revoked.

An icon of a pie chart, representing the usage of storage-time

How Can I Buy Storage-Time?

  1. In the PrivateStorage application, navigate to the “storage-time” screen by clicking the icon on the top right.
  2. Choose “Buy storage-time in browser” to open the payment page to top up the storage space in the application. This will open up a browser window with the page where you can purchase storage-time.
  3. Enter in the payment information - we accept debit and credit cards at this time.
  4. Return to PrivateStorage application to use topped up storage-time.