Multi-device synchronization has been added to PrivateStorage!

by Aaron on Thursday, June 8, 2023

Our development team has been busy since the initial release of the service, and we are pleased to announce that the latest version allows you to transition between different devices without losing your progress or data. You can have convenient access to important files, review documents, or view media across multiple devices. For example, you can start a task on one computer and continue it on another, regardless of the device or operating system you're using.

This new feature is achieved by using the application to complete a few simple steps. With the PrivateStorage application open on the sending device, navigate to the desired folder and locate the three-dot “Action” menu on the right side. Select “Sync with device” followed by “Create Invite Code”. This will generate a three-word code that is needed on the receiving device. On the receiving device, open the PrivateStorage application and locate the “Enter Code” button where you will be prompted to input the three-word code. Each device is now able to access that folder. When a change to the contents of the folder is made and saved, the application will synchronize with the PrivateStorage servers, and the changes are visible on your other device or devices.

Each device you intend to access the folder from will need to go through these steps and each device needs to have the application installed with a supply of storage-time. This is an early version of this feature and future improvements are a part of our roadmap.

The updated version of PrivateStorage also contains a second enhancement specifically designed to elevate your experience on high DPI displays. This means significant improvements in font and image rendering provide enhanced visuals and optimal readability.

Finally, our team has also addressed several bugs and issues. These fixes ensure a more stable and reliable software performance.

To take advantage of these updates, visit our Get Started page to download the latest version of the app. If you need assistance, our updated FAQ / Knowledgebase now includes a guide for the multi-device, folder synchronization process.

We hope you enjoy the improvements and welcome your feedback as we continuously develop and improve our service.